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Easter Egg Drop

We are about 6 weeks away from our 2nd ever Easter Egg Drop here at the Haymarket campus. The excitement in the air is getting thick! People are talking! Moms are swooning! Dads are taking up kick boxing! All for the BIG day on Saturday, April 4th.

Last year we planned on 1000 people showing up. 4500 decided to come. AWESOME! So we are better prepared this year (we think).

Also, this year we are teaming up with the town of Haymarket and other local businesses. The event is free but we are asking all people who come out to bring a can or two of food for our brand new food pantry we have started here in the town.

Great stuff!

If you are a New Lifer and would like to be a part of this incredible day (controlled chaos is a good term to use), let us know! Email Sheryll at Haymarket@newlife4me.com. Come be a part of a great event in Haymarket!

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