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Brett’s Banter

Consistent Sunday morning “Wow” either sets the pace, establishes momentum & expectations for everything else that happens in the church. I’ve known seasons when that Mo is working for us. It feels like the wind is at our backs. I’ve also known seasons when that wind is against us. Ugh.

This morning I brainstormed a list of essentials for creating an atmosphere where God is honored and His presence is powerful.

• Prayer – much prayer, much power; no prayer, no power
• Consistent Biblical Teaching – Cool & creative are great. The promise is that God’s Word will not return without doing its work. But, the Bible must be taught powerfully every week. Consistent teaching creates expectation.
• Connections – a “Family Reunion” feel is fine. But, to create “Wow” for people far from Christ, we must be intentional about helping first timers feel like family.
• Great First Impressions – Welcome area: does it exist to give information and a cup of coffee, or to start conversations with newcomers? Look at every table, every piece of paper and ask, “How does this create a ‘Wow’ for the newcomer?”
• Engaging Music – Is the music quality a step down from what newcomers were listening to in their cars? “Wow” worship is not measured by the performance of the band, but by the quality of music that makes it hard for people not to sing to and experience God.
• Surprising Creatives – People engaging God are set up to be moved emotionally—whether to laughter or tears. Are people moved?
• Excellence From Start to Finish – Excellence means producing an excellent result. Excellence means not settling for “my best effort,” if it is not producing consistent “Wow” results.
• Transformation – No one can genuinely encounter God and leave unchanged. Bottom line: Are people being challenged? Are people taking next steps? Are lives, homes, marriages, and communities genuinely transformed?

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