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Companies rise and fall with leadership. As we look at the mess we are in economically right now, I see 2 types of leadership. One is making a difference and the other isn’t. Well, it is but only for some people. Leadership falls under two categories – Cause leadership and Effect leadership.

Cause Leadership is what most people want to be a part of. When there is this kind of leadership, we work together towards a cause, to make something happen, to impact a community. We lead to help others make a difference. People want to be a part of this type of leadership. It makes us feel connected and useful in the world.

Effect Leadership is what we tend to see in many businesses and probably percolating in most of our souls waiting to come out. The impact is all about what effect will this have on my bottom line, or in my pocket book, for my circle of friends. Many of us fall into this type of leadership easily. It’s all about power, greed, self preservation. IE, why our economy is hurting right now.

So, how are you leading in your organization, company, ministry area? Are you working to lead towards a Cause or are you working to lead for your effect?

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