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Dwaine’s Digs

Ok, You’ve Got Some Questions.

Bart’s just out of college. Got a nice job working downtown. The office also hired Sandra, and Bart’s already got his antennae up on her. He’s not exactly sure what makes her tick, but she seems really nice, and their conversations so far have only enticed him to want to check her out a little more thoroughly. Only thing weird up to now is that she’s got this Bible on her bookshelf. What’s the deal with that?

She doesn’t seem like the wackos who picketed the Oscars, and she’s not tried dropping Bible verses on him or asked him if he knows where he’s going after he dies. So, what’s her shtick? Bart’s kinda wishing there was a place he could go to get some insight into what Sandra’s all about, but, you know, without sounding “interested” in that religion thing. Where could such a place be?

Good for Bart, this fun church is just starting a series of messages that cover the basics of Christianity. And, to top it off, the series kicks off with funny man, Tim Jones, talking about the “c” word. Ok, maybe that’s a little mystifying, but it’s on creation, or more specifically, does this goofy world we live in suggest there might have been some kind of intelligent design behind all that we see.

Not asking Bart to buy into the concepts, but if he’s going to get closer to Sandra, he needs at least to get a clue on her world view, and this is a safe way to do that without risking too much. At least he’ll sound knowledgeable when he’s talking to her. Who wants to look stupid, right?

We kick off at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday at 1988 Kirby Road in Mclean, VA.

Oh, and we’ll have coffee and snacks there. No question about who makes that stuff.

We do!!

Finally, if you’re a regular at Moland, you might check out Job 38-39.

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