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What’s Wrong With the World Today?

The news from Jackie’s hairdresser yesterday was depressing. Brain dead??
I hadn’t heard it from anywhere else, and I was an intelligence analyst. I’m supposed to know things.
So, it probably wasn’t true.
But it came from a hairdresser!!
These gals know almost before it happens. So, could it be fact?
Sure enough. I pick up the paper today and see that, yet again, hairdressers are pretty much clued in to everything.
Natasha Richardson, esteemed stage and screen actress, wife of Liam Neesom, dead at 45. From a fall on a bunny slope.
That’s right. . .a bunny slope.
Somehow, we just know, don’t we, that this isn’t right? We know Liam knows it isn’t supposed to be this way. We know Natasha’s two kids know it isn’t supposed to be this way. How to make sense of something like this?
And for those who believe in God, there’s this tendency to look toward the sky and ask: “What are you thinking? Are you even thinking? Are you aware of what’s going on down here?”
Yeah, good questions. Are there good answers?
We’ll give it a shot Sunday at 11:00 at 1988 Kirby Road, McLean. The topic? Why is the World So Messed Up? Perspective is everything.
You can take a pass on this one, however, if nothing bad has ever happened, or will ever happen, to you or to anyone you know. I’m sure we’ll do a message on “Being in Denial” soon.


Dwaine Darrah, Westmoreland Campus Pastor

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