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Finding Myself in the Journey

I’m sitting here thinking how over-used this cliché has been since the 1960’s; that is “finding myself.” In modern culture we use this “finding myself” or “getting in touch with myself” language because the current generation uses experience and feelings instead of logic and reason as the criteria for decision making, making friends, etc. Sociologists today might say we are living in a post-modern society. At least this is my opinion albeit a broad generalization. However, man has been struggling with trying to discover who they are and why they exist forever.

I believe that man exists because God made him in His own image. The problem is man has been trying to figure out who God is and how they fit in the relationship ever since. As a result we have made God into who or what we want Him to be. But God is God and we aren’t. So many people are so close to figuring it out. Instead of trying to be God we should try to be the person God created us to be. Years ago I built a new house and as the maker of this house I expected it to protect me from the elements. That’s what a house does. A house becomes a home where there is love, friendliness and kindness. The same is true with man – man is just a mere shell until he allows God into their life. The battle should be to understand who God is and why He made us. This process is called spiritual formation. “Once we understand spiritual formation is a process, all of life becomes spiritual formation.” (Mulholland, Invitation to a Journey) This means there is no distinction between my spirituality and my secular life; in fact, once I become a Christ follower there is no such thing as a secular life. Mulholland writes much about this and he continues to say that we are in the process of being conformed, not conforming. Perhaps a subtle difference, but a difference none the less. Man (me included) does not want to change – it is only God working in me to change. As for me I struggled for years until there was this sudden epiphany that I was different. Now I am by no means the pillar of what the perfect Christian should look like. But what I am saying is that God was at work in me for years and it took years for me to see it. It’s like pushing a giant wheel and then one day you get to the top of a hill and suddenly the wheel takes off. If you don’t like something in your life ask God to give you the desire to change – NOT – change you. If you’re struggling with your relationship with God or who you are in God take heart. He is probably doing something with your character. God is a lot more concerned about who you are than what you are. More on this in my next post.

Creed Branson, Executive Pastor

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