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Getting What’s Coming to Ya

The classic black-and-white ganster movie.
Particularly starring Edward G. Robinson. Man, the best ever.
There was this recurring line: “I want what’s coming to me.”
The other person ominously promises: “Yeah, you’ll get what’s coming to ya.”


The first guy is expecting a payoff or something.
But he always gets whacked.
So, sometimes getting what’s coming to ya isn’t that grand.
Here’s an example. It’s 15 April, TAX DAY. I just hit the send button.
I didn’t really want what I had coming to me.


But I got what was coming to me. POW!!! BLAM!!! SHOT DEAD!!!
So, when I think about taxes or anything else, really, I think I’ve landed on something.
I’d like not to get what’s coming to me.
I’d like to get something better. Something I didn’t deserve.
Where do I get some of that?


Good news is that there is some of this out there–It’s called grace.
And God’s sending some of it your way.
Hear all about it Sunday at 11:00 at Moland. 1988 Kirby Road, McLean, VA.
Want to ponder the thought in advance? Check out John 6:29.


Dwaine Darrah, McLean Campus Pastor





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