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Hurts So Good?

Anyone still recovering from this last weekend? To me, it feels like the day after a basketball over-time win: I’m exhausted, and it feels great!

We had a great day! Lots of energy. Great worship. Great food in abundance (If you made food for Sunday, THANKS! That was HUGE!) Great attendance (1683 people).

Yet, the best part of the weekend for me was our team players. Our parking team set the pace. Chip Retson rallied a team that gave everyone a fun greeting, and an unexpected bottle of water on their way in and on their way out. Westfield H.S. was so impressed that they are changing their parking lot procedures to follow ours! We are not surprised that this team produced such quality results. Research shows that they are also the best-educated church parking lot greeters in the world.

Josh tells me that over 60 new players joined the team who worked with set up, front-line, food, prayer, tear down, and holding Savannah duties. Michelle & Cindy report that over 50 new people served in KidZone. That’s huge!

The best part for me was the fun everyone had. A huge group set up the school Saturday morning, and it felt like we were setting up for Christmas: laughter, smiles, fun working together for a significant purpose. It felt like family working together—we had work to be done, but everyone enjoyed simply being together.

After one service, a lady told me it was the first time she’d served in KidZone, and it was great. “I think I’ve found my place,” she said. Another person told me they loved seeing all the “Ask Me” shirts, because she wouldn’t have known that many of those people were New Lifers.

The best part of the day, of course, is that we are remembering that Jesus conquered death, so we can be right with God. That truth is the core that drives all we do. I wish I’d found this cartoon before Easter: http://townhall.com/cartoons/cartoonist/GlennMcCoy/2009/04/1

Brett Andrews, Lead Pastor

2 Responses to “Hurts So Good?”

  1. My husband and I had the honor of volunteering on Easter Sunday…the one year anniversary of our first visit to New Life. What a difference one year can make, especially when you fully accept God into your life. I’m so excited that there were so many new people who were able to experience church the New Life way and I pray that they continue to worship with us every Sunday!

    Amy Heer

  2. 請你這一次不要再刪
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