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Help from the Other Side

Everywhere you turn, there’s another news story that suggests God is taking a pounding:

-A porn movie broadcast at the University of Maryland
The 10 Commandments removed from government property
-Courts redefining what marriage is
Criticism of Rick Warren’s prayer at Obama’s inauguration (how dare he mention Jesus!!)
You’d think that all of America had come to the same conclusion–God isn’t.
Despite this, Americans have this fascination with the spiritual. It’s everywhere, not just on Oprah.

-Ghost Town – a jerk dentist survives a near-death experience and sees ghosts.

-Ghost Whisperer – Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character aids troubled spirits.

Supernatural – two brothers hunting demons.
Medium – Allison Dubois helps the police solve murders through visions and contact with the dead. Interestingly, this week, she concludes that God gave her this gift.
We could go on–Touched by an Angel, Joan of Arcadia, Ghost, The Others, Sixth Sense, A Haunting in Connecticut, The Gift. . .
Oh, don’t forget that great book on the supernatural. It’s called the Bible. It’s author might know something about this subject.
Now, the story it tells doesn’t read anything like what we’re getting from Hollywood.
But, hey, if you think Hollywood has a bead on things spiritual, I’ve got a bridge in New York I want to sell ya.
Want to compare Hollywood’s take with God’s? Visit us at 11:00 Sunday at 1988 Kirby Road, McLean, VA.
It might make your head spin–but probably not a full 360 degrees.
Wanna ponder in advance? Try Galatians 5.Dwaine Darrah, McLean Campus Pastor

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