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Just a Moment—1992

I walked into the living room Sunday morning. Zachary was watching the news, turned to me and asked, “Was that the guy?” I said, “Yes.” That was the guy 17 years ago. Just a few moments 16 years ago.

Seventeen years ago, a life-long friend of mine moved out of D.C. Laura and I were at his small going away party with our new baby, Zachary. Hosted by Chris & Judith Nolan, we weren’t surprised when Judith’s Dad, Jack walked in the door.

When we struck up a conversation with Judith’s Dad, he picked up our little baby, held Zachary high and yelled, “This is the cutest baby to ever enter the world!” Or, something like that. (Laura tells me my memory is a little exaggerated. Forgive me. I’m gettin’ old.)

Through the years, whenever Jack Kemp made a television appearance, we’ve said to Zachary, “That’s the man who thought you were such a cute little boy.” (That part is true.)

One moment. Seventeen years ago. Still creates fond emotions. (Okay, this stuff happens to the rest of you ALL THE TIME. But, for us normal folk, that was a stand out moment.)

When I heard that Jack Kemp had passed, I thought of the number of “Moments” we have. Moments that don’t seem like a big deal to us (I don’t think Jack Kemp retold our story more than 6 or 7 times), but they impact others for a lifetime.

Examples from my life:

Mrs. Hills writing me a note after I cried while singing a song as a young boy in front of the church.

Pat, Thatcher, & Brian moving us into our townhouse at midnight.

Mr. Barnes calling me from Tennessee the night before I went to college to say he believed in me.

Brad Melton taking time off work to help me in a crisis.

I’m sure those people have no idea the impact of their “moment” with me. I’m sure we have no idea of the potential “moments” in front of us each week.

Love God. Love People.

Brett Andrews, Lead Pastor

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