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Coming Attraction: Transformers

Saw the Star Trek movie this week. Only one question. William Shatner. Where were you, dude? Oh, and a comment. Uhuru and Spock? I don’t think so.
And now to one of my favorite parts of every movie experience. . .Coming Attractions!! This time it was all about the new Transformers flick. Glad they’re making a sequel. Perhaps the director will have gained familiarity with the concept of character development. Still, it got me thinking. Some of the cars and trucks and bulldozers transform into good guys; some transform into bad guys. What’s going on in the deepest part determines everything. Same with us, it seems.
Ezekiel 7:19-20 talks about how it’s possible for us to transform things beautiful into that which is abhorrent. Doesn’t have to be that way. Check out Romans 12:2. It’s possible that we can be transformed from the inside out in a way that proves just how good and perfect and pleasing God is. Is it an unfair question to ask you to ponder which path you’re pursuing? Look back 5 years. What do you see?
To encourage you, we’ll be hearing from people on Sunday who will tell us their stories of transformation on the second path. No, they’re not angels. Just imperfect people like you and me, still a work in progress, but who are finding hope and joy they couldn’t manufacture themselves. Tired of just hearing all about what God could do? Come and see what He has done and is doing! It’ll bless your socks off–good thing we’re an informal bunch, eh?
Come early for a refreshing beverage and something to munch.
11:00 a.m.
1988 Kirby Road


Dwaine Darrah, McLean Campus Pastor

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