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We Need the Bible! Final Part

We also need theology to explain concepts not clearly defined in the Bible, e.g., the Trinity. The Jehovah Witness would argue that nowhere in the Bible is the word “trinity” used. When a leader was about to make a statement in the Old Testament for God he would say, “Hear oh Israel, God is one.” We have to reason then that God is one. If Jesus and the Father are one and the Holy Spirit is also part of this union then we have to apply a term that represents this concept. Abortion is not mentioned in the New Testament even though the act was prevalent at the time of its writing. One could argue that the mention of murder is enough to cover the abortion question. Perhaps, but the point is we need to be able to explain difficult concepts. We have to be able to be consistent with God’s attributes.

In closing, I believe we need the Bible as the ultimate source of our knowledge of God. We also need reason, logic, and tradition and experience that salute to the Bible. We need to be open to hearing from others about their own understanding of God but ultimately we represent God as leaders in his church. So we must take a stand on our beliefs; certainly not on all things because we need to exercise tolerance. Our millennial view is an example of an area where we can have differences of opinion. However: what and who God is; while open to interpretation, must be defined and properly represented. And finally, the essentials of doctrine have to be sound in understanding and easily communicated.

Creed Branson, Executive Minister

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