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Summer Reading

Recently, Caleb, Logan and I have been [slowly] reading through the New Testament book of James together. It’s always a rich experience. Whenever we’re done, I always feel like it was great time well spent.
So, why don’t I make it happen more regularly? If you’re looking for an excuse not to read the Bible with your kids, I have a good list.

  • It’s too early to get them out of bed
  • It’s too late because… (Multiple choice: Baseball practice went late; American Idol was on; I got too tired; They got too tired; The phone rang….)
  • The regular schedule is too full
  • We’re on vacation…
  • My dog ate my Bible

What’s it mean that my kids know more about Wii Sports and Disney Channel actors than they do about the Bible?

I’m feeling convicted. One of my goals this summer is to get back to the good old habit of reading through books of the Bible with my kids. If you are, the following hints may help:

  • Pick a regular time.
  • Pick a book. (I find James, Proverbs, Mark are good places to start. Then, try Genesis.)
  • Pick a regular place. (When Zachary &Emily were young, we always read in a bedroom just before going to bed.)
  • Set a goal. (Four times a week? Five? Three?)
  • End with prayer


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