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Do You See What I See?

Last Sunday we announced staff transitions.

Lucy Martinez, our Passion 4 Community director, is moving her ministry to California, where she will be closer to her beau, Charles (great guy!). She will be leaving at the end of July, leaving big leadership shoes to fill.

Mike Fewster, who’s been a key leader & part of the core of Spring from its inception, is leaving the marketplace to take the P4C lead. Mike’s passion & calling will inspire you!

Josh Burnett came to New Life to learn how to church plant. Next year, he and Sarah will plant around Annapolis. Are we glad to see this? (Are you glad to see your child go to war?) Yes. No. Yes.

Pat Furgerson has been part of New Life since 9 months before we launched. He’s been on staff in several capacities. Recently, he has led our church planting ministry, Passion 4 Planting. Creed Branson, our Executive Minister, is excited about overseeing the Centreville campus as Campus Pastor, Pat will be the “go-to” guy.

Do you see what I see?

Four next steps for New Life. Four gains for God’s Kingdom. Listen to each of them, and you will hear four people who are clearly hearing God’s calling. These are four people who have prayed, thought deeply, agonized with God over a good period of time to discern His next steps for them.

Praise God that He still calls each of us to a life that matters! Praise Lucy, Mike, Josh, & Pat that they are willing to step out of their comfort zones to discover God’s dangerous dreams!

Brett Andrews, Lead Minister


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