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Archive for July 2009

Blind Spots

July 22, 2009

I delivered the same message to each campus beginning 3 weeks ago at Centreville. My focus was on “Leading by Example” and I referred to a Bible verse, which I realized was the wrong reference after the fact. The reference provided in each sermon was Numbers 22 when referencing Solomon’s sin, which he was apparently […]

Read this if you get tired of the journey

July 16, 2009

John Wooden, Basketball’s Coaching Legend once wrote: It’s the road to getting there is the very important part. The end in some ways, it’s exhilarating in some ways, it’s a let-down. It’s the getting there. I think Robert Louis Stevenson said, “It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive.” Once you arrive, the journey is […]

Thinking Out Loud

July 15, 2009

Our life group hit on Acts 8 last night, but I wasn’t there. Heading for the beach. Getting some of the R&R everyone says humans need from time to time. Looking forward to a little crab. Crabs probably looking a little less forward to it. We always enjoy the porpoises skimming along, aware of us, […]

Wasting Time

July 13, 2009

Every 4th of July, my family spends a week together back home at Conneaut Lake. One of our favorite annual traditions is the neighborhood softball game. It’s never the best played ball you’ll ever see, but we have a great time. If you are like I am, you have lots of deadlines, important meetings, and […]

On That Day: A DocuDrama

July 8, 2009

Stephen and I have a lot in common. We grew up in the same town. Went to the same church growing up. Came to believe in the same Jesus. Saw the same miracles. Died on the same day. That day began like most others in Jerusalem. Job was going fine, had my health. I also […]

What should you do next?

July 7, 2009

Instead of focusing on what’s next , let’s get back to what’s first . http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/66/mylife.html Brett Andrews, Lead Minister

Seeing growth

July 1, 2009

Sometimes growth is easily measured. Our son, Caleb, turned 13 last week. He played his last game of regular season baseball. Overnight, he’s shot up to be as tall as his 15 year old sister! Other times, growth happens underground. The roots grow deeper, but tree appears the same. Logan, our youngest, played another season […]