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The Civility Project

Weary of the harshening of discourse in America? So are Lanny Davis, former Clinton Administration adviser, and Mark DeMoss, president of the DeMoss group. Feeling the same need for change, they have started The Civility Project.

Self-described on their website, The Civility Project is a voluntary, grassroots movement of people from diverse backgrounds who agree that, at this critical time in America’s history, solutions to our most pressing problems will be found only through a more civil exchange of ideas.

Want to read more? Go to http://www.civilityproject.org/index.php.

Jesus followers are called to be salt & light. What better way than with the way we use our tongues, which the Bible says is powerful enough start a powerful fire, or to steer a massive ship – for good or for destruction?

Brett Andrews, Lead Guy

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