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The Greatest Compliment

Saturday afternoon and evening Laura and I kept a little girl so her parents could celebrate their anniversary. At one point Emma asked, “Can I just ask you questions about the Bible?” (Is the Pope Catholic?)

“Tell me about the princess who found Moses in the river.”

“What was Joseph’s wife’s name? Was she beautiful?”

“Do you think Eve was beautiful?”

After 30 minutes of questions, Emma asked a question that demanded that we look in the Bible. As she got up to look on our bookshelf, she said, “Mr. Andrews, I see Jesus in you.” (Causing me to wonder, “How many times she’s thought, ‘I don’t see Jesus in him’?”)

Historic Christianity calls the challenge to live like Christ the imitatio die, the imitation of God. Imitatio die is our highest calling. That’s why we encourage everyone to read the Bible and pray daily. Walk near to God and He will be near you. Want a good book recommendation? Consider Charles Sheldon’s 1896 classic, In His Steps.

Brett Andrews, Lead Guy




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