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Planting in San Fran

Sunday I was able to read an excerpt from an email I received from a church planter we are working with. I thought it would be worth sharing.

From Aaron Monts at Ikon in SF, CA
Sunday morning, Siobhan (the house manager of Mezzanine) pulled Taryn (the wife of one of our staff members) aside to ask permission to bring a friend on October 4th. This is the same girl that drug her heels, cursed the idea of church in a nightclub, and had plenty of reservations about IKON at Mezzanine … and she’s inviting a friend. To church. I watch her some times. Sitting in the corner. I wonder what she is thinking. What she is feeling. Does she wonder why we are singing? Who we are singing to? Is it just another gig for her? I’m beginning to think that it’s not. I’m beginning to think that God’s promise is true that where two or more are gathered, curiosity is sparked and beauty is manifest. No matter how the service goes or how we feel about the message, God is moving.

This past weekend we had a couple show up because of the IKON card they were handed at the Ferry Building by the missions team from Community Christian Church in Naperville. They were excited about what was taking place and “refreshed to see a church actually care about San Francisco!” They’re looking forward to getting involved in our community to “make a difference!”
We had a homeless man, Shae, say “that its finally good to see a church doing something in this city”. Meanwhile, the Mint Plaza security guard told one of our greeters that he sneaks close to our door so that he can hear the Word of God because “you can’t really find that around here much”.



Patrick Furgerson, Associate Guy

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