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What do you have planned to do today? Eat some food, go to a meeting, drive to work, watch some tv, take care of the kiddos, workout, eat some more food, sleep?

What if, in the midst of all that we normally do, we began to ask ourselves each day – how can I make a difference in the world today?

I am sitting here drinking some coffee, doing some planning, catching up on emails, reading, writing, contemplating, daydreaming and that thought came into my head – how am I making a difference today? What phone call do I need to make, what note do I need to send, what email needs to be written, who do I need to have coffee with, what prayer do I need to make?

I don’t know about you, but I want to look back at my life when I am lying on some freezing cold gurney about ready to breathe my last breath and say to those around me (if anyone is there), I made a difference in the world.

But that has to start today. And it is a question we need to ask ourselves each day when we wake up. We don’t know when that gurney may come rolling by…

Chad Simpkins, Haymarket Campus Pastor

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