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shameless ask

I recently asked a church planter what exciting things were going on at his church, Velocity in Cleveland, OH, and wanted to pass along to you all just a small glimpse of how New Life is part of reaching lost people halfway across the country.


What’s most exciting about Velocity right now is that we are in such a great new season of ministry here. We started back in April of 2009 and things have been absolutely crazy since then. We’ve had 21 baptisms in 30 weeks. The mayor of our city asked Velocity to start a youth program for our entire city. We are now the chaplains for the police and fire departments. Next week we are doing an event called “Serve the Servants” where we are serving lunch for the police department. The media got hold of what we are doing and they are sending a reporter to do a story on why Velocity is serving people. Things are so unbelievable – we just can’t believe what God is doing in a city like Cleveland Ohio.

One of the things that I am really thankful for in this whole process are the things that Passion For Planting has done to help us get such a great start. We could have NEVER done all that we have done without being a part of the STADIA network. We are so thankful for the staff at P4P (Doug, Pat, Bradley) and all that they have done to help us get such a strong start. You guys are the best!

Scott Pugh
Lead Pastor
Velocity Church


Pat Furgerson, Associate Guy


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