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Update on Building Negotiations

Today, we meet directly with the Bud Building realtor to iron out final details of the deal. As Creed said yesterday, their lawyers keep adding & deleting items in the contract; then, our lawyers add and delete items in the contract (because they’re looking out for their clients best interests). So, the primary negotiators are sitting down today to work out the final contract face to face.

I’d ask you to pray for God to lead this discussion.

Our next steps will be to get final approvals for building use, and to work out finances. To purchase the building and to build out phase 1, we will need about $8 million ($2 million less than the original asking price for just the building, alone).

We will reach that goal by:
1) Raising funds internally
2) Renting the building for community use activities
3) Taking out a loan

Significant hills still lie before us. Taking them will demand intensified prayer, faith, and sacrifice. The great news is that God is for us! Hang on to your hats. God is doing more than we could ask or imagine.

Brett Andrews, Lead Guy

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