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Trouble Understanding the Bible?

I love God’s Word.  It is amazing that the Eternal, Almighty, All-knowing God chooses to communicate His thoughts to us!  Yet, how many times has each of us read the Bible and felt, “I know I should be getting more out of this… but I’m NOT”?

A couple weeks ago, I had breakfast with a couple of preachers I’ve respected for almost 20 years.  Brian preaches in Philadelphia; Rick not far from Sacramento.  Talking about preaching his last message, Rick (who had been preaching up to 10 services) said, “The great thing about preaching the same passage of Scripture so many times is that by the 6th time you finally really get what the passage is saying.”

I know exactly what he was saying.  It’s not that he was clueless before the 6th service.  But, there is something about working over a passage repeatedly that is necessary for everything to come together.

God’s wisdom is like DEEP water.  You can splash the water on you and get a little wet.  Or, you can dive in, swim, and go under wearing an oxygen tank!

It helps me to:

Read the Bible out loud.

Read the Bible out loud with my kids.

Read the Bible out loud with adults.

Read the passage once.  Read it out loud the second time.

Read it a third time with a pen.

Read it phrase-by-phrase, word-by-word, asking “Why?”

Lead a Bible study- so you have to prepare the passage to share with others.

Share your belief in Jesus with someone who questions.  Their questions will force you to explore God deeper.

Help & Teach in Kidzone! If you teach God’s kids, He’ll teach you!

Brett Andrews, Lead Guy


One Response to “Trouble Understanding the Bible?”

  1. KidZone! So true, and yet I never thought of it that way. I get so excited to share with the kids what God has shown me in His Word and in turn the kids themselves have wonderful questions and insights! Learning with the little children – imagine the possibilities…

    Thanks Brett!

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