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SOAP of the Day

Proverbs 1

Wisdom: You Gotta Want It!

Do you find the first chapter of Proverbs as taxing as I do?

We open the book of Proverbs hoping to glean practical advice to help us live well today.  Solomon, however, spends the first chapter as an apologist for Wisdom–convincing his readers that they undervalue wisdom.

When I wore a younger man’s clothes, chapter one annoyed me.  I wanted to get on with the specific, practical stuff.  Why waste so many words making the argument for wisdom?

Why do you suppose Solomon opens his wisdom book this way?

Do you suppose Solomon lived in a generation that valued “follow your heart” more than “follow wisdom”?

Do you suppose Solomon lived in an anti-knowledge generation, like ours?  In fields like math & science, we esteem “knowing”. But, in matters dealing with God, our origins, our destiny, and morality, today it sounds much more sophisticated to say, “Who can know for sure?” than to say, “I know,”  Today, to doubt is more respectable than to know.

Do you think Solomon’s kids knew more about Facebook and Rock Band, than God’s Word? (When I was a boy, I definitely knew more about baseball than the Bible.)

As you read the first chapter of Proverbs, let Solomon make the case for embracing a new value for wisdom.  Let the value of wisdom seep into your bone marrow. Ask, “How is Solomon’s value of wisdom counter-culture in our generation?”  And, “If I attribute proper value to wisdom, how will I pursue it with greater hunger?”

“Value wisdom more than you do,” Solomon argues, “It will change your life this year.”

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