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Soap Proverbs 3

Solomon continues to discuss wisdom in Proverbs 3; however, he moves to outline the rewards of wisdom. In fact, Solomon encourages us to, “let your heart keep God’s commandments.” Jesus does the same thing in John 14 when he says, “if you love me you will keep my commandments.” The wisest man who ever lived tells us to treasure God’s commands and Jesus says the litmus test for our love of God is our obedience to God’s commands. So, what does it mean to obey? According to Solomon we aren’t to, “withhold good from those whom it is due or devise harm against your neighbor or contend with a man without cause or envy a man of violence.” Does your neighbor have a need? Are you serving God by giving your best to people? For a long satisfying life help someone in need. Passion for Community and Spring help people regularly with shelter, clothing and food. Think you are in a tough spot, help someone in need and perhaps you will see just how good you have it! And if we do this we will have long life and peace.

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