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SOAP – Proverbs 4 – Got Wisdom?

God knows that we have a hard time slowing down, focusing and LISTENING or else he wouldn’t have instructed us to LISTEN three times in this chapter and continued a discussion with a third chapter on obtaining wisdom if it wasn’t important. It reminds me of the teen years with my parents always saying, “will you just listen?!”. Back then I thought I knew everything and that their bits of knowledge, life experience and teachings were useless, but now looking back I’m glad that I actually listened, understood and applied what they were trying to teach me. They planted the Godly seeds of wisdom that even though were dormant for a period, flourished when the light came back into my life. Here, God is teaching us that Wisdom leads to LIFE, and we just need to listen.  (4:4)

Not only do we need to listen to God’s word, we need to seek it out to gain as much wisdom as possible for it is the most valuable treasure. Wisdom is the key to righteousness, and it is the light that leads us down the righteous path. By listening and holding to God’s wisdom the path of righteousness is clear, and we will not stumble. (4:12) Not only does he instruct us to follow the path of righteousness, he instructs us to avoid the path of evil. The path of evil leads us away from God’s teachings and the search for wisdom, which leaves us stumbling in the dark.

My prayer for the day is to listen to what God is trying to teach me and to continue to seek out his teachings.

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