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SOAP – Proverbs 6 – NOW! (Proverbs 6)

As I write this I am in a good friend’s home who is waiting for her father to die.  The mood is somber and the kids are still sleeping. It is quiet. As I open Proverbs I reflect on Butch’s life. He is a good man.  He has lived a full life.  He is a husband, dad, and Marine.  He grew up Catholic and knows about Jesus and His love for him. He is deeply loved by his wife who is sitting by his side, holding his hand and providing him whatever comfort she can.  Today he is in the final hours of losing a long battle to cancer.

We don’t know if Butch can hear us.  We don’t know what he’s thinking or if he is even conscious right now.  But we talk to him.  We tell him he is loved.

In this context the opening lines of Proverbs 6 remind me once again of the shortness of life and about the urgency of getting rid of the things that enslave us.  The opening verses talk of getting free from debt you have secured for another.  It says, “Don’t go to sleep or even rest your eyes, but free yourself like a deer running from a hunter,
like a bird flying away from a trapper.”

If that is the level of urgency to free yourself from being the second signer of a loan, how much more urgency should we have to free ourselves from addictions?  from the hatred we carry? from anything that enslaved us including our own sin?

The reality is I know what I should do (lose weight, quit multi-tasking my family, spend more time in the Bible) but I don’t sense the urgency to do it… to do it now!

Thank you Butch… thank you God, for reminding me of the shortness of life and the urgency I should feel for freeing myself from the things that prevent me from experiencing true freedom.  Freedom in Christ.

One Response to “SOAP – Proverbs 6 – NOW! (Proverbs 6)”

  1. I can relate to multi-tasking family and debt freedom. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve attended 2 funerals, Christmas, related holiday events with friends and family, sent my son back to school, survived the snowstorm, while balancing work and a house refinance. With Liz out of town for the week, I’ve gotten the girls off to school, homework and one major test crisis. Trust me, the last priority among those is a mortgage refinance and yet, it has consumed way too much of my attention.

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