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SOAP – Proverbs 7

Does the Bible sometimes feel like a broken-record? Didn’t we just talk about adultery back in chapter 5?

God is no dumby (and you can quote me on that). When He repeats things in scripture it isn’t because He forgot what was just written, it’s because it’s important for us to hear it again. Remember how often your mom warned you about something, like say, getting the car with strangers? Similarly, this message bears repeating.

There is evil and temptation around every corner (v. 10-12); specifically in the form of adultery. This chapter spells out what we already know: “many are the victims she has brought down” (v. 26). So, if knowing is half the battle – how do we survive the rest of the fight?

“…Keep my words… Store up my commands and you will live… Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.” 7:1-3

What does it mean for you to store up God’s commands? Orthodox Jews take this literally; attaching scripture to their arms and forehead. Maybe for you it means reading the Bible everyday or writing verses on index cards and taping them to your bathroom mirror. Perhaps your next step is to start memorizing scripture?

God’s word is an offensive weapon. Get familiar with it, learn how to use it, and “you will live.”

One Response to “SOAP – Proverbs 7”

  1. Great reminder of our need to stay very close to God’s Word. There is still plenty of empty space on the “tablet of my heart.”

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