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Proverbs 8

Why does the book of Proverbs spend so much ink selling itself?  Chapter 1 begins by making the case for the inestimable value of wisdom.  By chapter 8, do we really need another commercial?

Read Proverbs 8 and ponder this: Why does everyone- even people who are already reading the Proverbs- need to be sold on the preciousness of wisdom?

Side bar observation: Don’t you love the promise of Proverbs 8:2b?  “where the paths meet, she [Wisdom] takes her stand.” Facing any crossroads decisions?  This activity or that?  This college or that?  This career move or that?  The Bible does not provide a perfect verse to help us make every decision, so God gives us Wisdom, the ability to understand every situation and make the choice that will pay off 30 miles down the road.

Why does wisdom have to sell itself?  Why doesn’t everyone hunger for wisdom?

Pride.  We don’t want anyone telling us what to do.  To totally submit to wisdom is to totally submit to God.  As Paul writes in Romans 7, often we know the right thing to do, but we don’t do it; and, at other times we know the unwise thing to do, and we do it.  “Independence” is the adolescent cry of our hearts.

The good news is that wisdom is a choice (Proverbs 8:10).  The bad news is that wisdom is a hard choice.

(Proverbs 8:10-12) For instance, Godly wisdom is the key to understanding & education.  The wise know that God is the one source of all knowledge and knowing God is the purpose of all education.  Our independent spirit draws a line of demarcation between “Christian education” and “secular education.”

(Proverbs 8:15-16) Great governments reign on the foundation of God’s wisdom.  Nobel rulers submit to God’s wisdom.  But, submission to God’s wisdom in government is rare.  As the history of Israel shows, ungodly rulers who led the nation down destructive paths were many; but, Godly rulers who led the nation to honor were few.  We want the end (prosperity), but our independent spirit doesn’t like the means (humility).

Right now, however, the issue is my heart- my independent spirit.  Today, God will show me wisdom, and I won’t want to listen (Proverbs 8:32).  Today, Got will tell me to watch and wait (Proverbs 8:33), and my impulses will scream, “Hurry on.”  Today, God’s wisdom will tell me to serve others, to forgive quickly, to absorb an offense, to be patient and kind.  Today, I want to choose to humbly follow.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, we know You are the Only Great, Almighty God.  We know that You are the All-Wise God, and that all wisdom is from You.  We know that our wisest thought does not compare with the smallest of Your Wisdom.

So, Lord, help us today to pursue Your wisdom above all else, especially when our independent instincts would pull us away from Your leadings.

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