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Jersey Shore (Proverbs 10)

Let’s be honest, we all have heard about this show on Mtv.  Its the story of a bunch of young ‘adults’ who are living it up on the Jersey Shore for the summer.  It shows all their bumps, bruises, mistakes, loves, mishaps, etc.  For some reason as I read through Proverbs 10 this show kept popping up in my head.

Chapter 10 keeps us focused on watching what we say and how we say it.  Watching what we do and don’t do.  In the end, it’s about our character.  Who we are on the inside is what comes out on the outside.  There is no way for us to ‘fake’ our way through life.  Well, maybe for a day or two, but in the end, who we really are comes shining through.

The times I have watched Jersey Shore (and I have not watched it much – really), I am bothered because I know that each of these kids (lets be honest, this is what they are) are one of God’s many gifts to this earth just like all of us are.  I wonder what would happen if they read and began to lead a life where their character was changed?  No more dating issues, no more alcohol abuse, no more sucker punches (of a woman none the less), but a life full of God’s character.

But of course, that’s not good TV.

Anyway, re-read Chapter 10.  Then begin to allow God to use it to change our character into the character of Christ.  The world (and the Jersey Shore) would be a better place.

(PS – In no way does this show exemplify the people of New Jersey.  They are REALLY great people!)

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