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Proverbs 11

For those of you at Westfield yesterday we learned that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is action. We can have all the facts (knowledge) but without (wisdom) applying these to our lives the knowledge is useless. So as I am reading Proverbs 11 I was asking myself how can I make this apply to my life? How do I put into action this great knowledge and grow to be wiser. Several verses spoke to me the first of which is Proverbs 11:9 “With his mouth the godless destroys his neighbor, but through knowledge the righteous escape”. As I read this I was reminded of a famous nursery rhyme, sticks and stones will break my bones but your WORDS can never harm me. However, Solomon reminds us that our words can be used as a weapon or a tool.  I like especially what the Life Application Bible says, “Sadly, it is often easier to destroy than to buildup. Every person you meet today is either a demolition site or a construction opportunity.” So, will I use my words to build people up or to tear them down? I think we all would answer “build-up” but, how many of us will make conscious steps to put this knowledge in to practice today? Our words do make a difference and just imagine what a better place this would be if we prayed and asked God to give us words that would be used for construction and not destruction. Every one of us will have an opportunity to put this into practice this week or this day at work, home or in a social gathering. Will we be wise or foolish? Will we follow the wisdom of nursery rhymes or of God?

One Response to “Proverbs 11”

  1. Tons of wisdom here. Thanks NL for using this site as a tool to build up. There are far too many weapons of destruction. <

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