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Shaken (notes on Haiti)

Due to my connections and trips to Haiti, I’ve had family, coworkers, friends ask me “How are your people in Haiti?”, “How can we help support the effort?”  This is my attempt at a brief outline with a means for you to follow up and take action.

I’ve personally been trying to keep up with the situation in Haiti and have been following the news as soon as the earthquake hit.  Interestingly enough, the social networking tools have been a resource even before the main media was able to effectively report.  I have tracked most of my information via Facebook , Twitter and BLOGS directly from some of the missionaries involved.  It is absolutely heartbreaking hearing their first hand experience and seeing sites, which I am familiar with, destroyed.

Please don’t THINK I’m trying to make you feel uncomfortable with this information.  You should KNOW I’m trying to make you feel uncomfortable with hopes that you will respond.  Which raises the question “how can you respond?”

Pray – Prayer changes things.  If you’re not sure how or what to pray for, I would suggest you imagine yourself as someone who has just lost everything, who just had some close family members crushed under mounds of concrete and rebar, as someone who had a very tough life and it just got worse.  Attempt to pray to God with that mindset.  You may just be interceding on behalf of someone who has lost hope.

Donations – It is sad, but there are already reports of scamming.  Please be careful when seeking organizations where you may donate.  Here are some safe/reliable ones(I understand there are many more, but this is a start):

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission – This is the mission where New Life has sent teams in years past

Red Cross

Samaritan’s Purse

Compassion International

World Vision

Motivate – Perhaps the sights and news you have seen in the past days have moved you.  Let that be motivation for you to raise some awareness.  I’ve seen people doing this via Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

Mobilize – At the moment, this is difficult due to travel restrictions going into Haiti.  However, there will be opportunities to ‘go.’  If you’re able and feel you may help, then please consider joining an organization that may be sending teams to support the relief effort.

I don’t want to write too much here, but if you want to track things further, I’ve made some links on my personal BLOG (www.lifeinkhaos.com).  If you’re seeking more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Boughner  (Gal 6:2)

One Response to “Shaken (notes on Haiti)”

  1. Bough — Thanks for posting this info. Very useful. I haven’t personally been able to participate in one of New Life’s mission trips to Haiti but have closely followed the experiences of several friends who have made the trip. When I was Campus Pastor at the Westmoreland Campus I used a Bob Skiffington video as an “application/next steps” illustration of putting the Christian faith into action. Simply by supporting the mission trips through prayer and financial contributions one gains a real sense of identity and oneness with the people there which would otherwise not exist. I’m reminded of the old saying that “some give by going and some go by giving.” <

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