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PROVERBS 17 soap

PROV. 17

“I’d rather be rich than stupid” Jack Handey

Despite being a lifelong Jack Handey fan, it took me years to figure out why the above is funny.  It’s because you’re supposed to just say “Well, duh!”…OF COURSE you’d rather be rich than stupid!  Who does that NOT apply to?

After reading some of Proverbs, I want to say “Well, duh!”  Are we allowed to say “duh” to Scriptures?   I hope so, since I just did.  Some of them just seem really obvious, like it’s saying “It is better to have a good thing happen to you, than a bad thing” …ya think?

Anyway…I’m gonna zero in on a few that make me stroke my chin and say “Hmmmmm” which is the diametric opposite of DUH!

PROV. 17 10 “A rebuke impresses a man of discernment more than a hundred lashes a fool.”  Much of being a wise man (so I’m told) involves staying humble enough to take criticism.  Some wise men even get famous for their wisdom, and their egos swell to the point of no longer embracing their own fallibility.  Suggestion box is closed and locked for life.

17 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”  That’s the litmus paper for REAL friends.  They’ve seen you at your worst, heard the jackass things you spewed out in a moment of passion, saw into your soul at all your immaturities…and like you anyway, through success as well as failure.  Ahhhhh!  Gotta love those REAL friends.

3 “The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, 
but the LORD tests the heart.”  One of my faves.  A crucible is a huge heat chamber where flames leap out and melt away the precious metals from the crud…only the good stuff is left.  God is willing to do that to us.  OH, the crap I’ve had to go through!  But if I realize this is God’s agenda and not some cosmic goof-up, then I can see that I’m a better person now.  Some of my useless dross has crumbled away.  Lord, can we cancel all the future crucibles in my life and you and I just be happy with the level of metallic purity I’ve achieved so far? No?  Darn.  Well it can’t hurt to ask.

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