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Proverbs 18 -Sticks and Stones…..but Words Kill?

How many of us actually think before we speak? How many of us speak with love? How many of us speak wisdom instead of gossip and ignorance? These are just a few of the questions that came to mind as I was reading the 18th Proverb.

This chapter really opened my eyes and thoughts to the words that come to my mind and escape my mouth that lack wisdom and love. Then the thought of, “what if I actually kept my mouth shut and used my brain before speaking?” pops up. We should stop talking just to hear ourselves talk or to use our words for self gain. The heading puts the nail in coffin by stating the not so obvious: Words Kill, Words Give Life.

After reading and re-reading this chapter that title couldn’t make more sense. If we speak without wisdom and love, we may as well be charged with murder. No, not that kind of murder….a mental murder. Sometimes we say things without thinking or say ugly things intentionally, and this does more damage than we could ever imagine. If we just use the wisdom that we’re learning each day and speak with love, we help to build God’s kingdom instead of tearing it down word by ugly word. So just remember that sticks and stones may break bones, but words can actually kill.

My prayer for the day is for wise and loving words to help build the kingdom up.

One Response to “Proverbs 18 -Sticks and Stones…..but Words Kill?”

  1. Really a great message here. Those of us who are too old, or as Erma Bomback would say, “too tired,” to commit some of the more obvious and blatant sins like adultery and bank robbery seem to have no difficulty spewing out evil through our death-dealing tongues. This Proverb reminds us of the nature and source of true righteousness. May we seek the strength of the Holy Spirit to cleanse our hearts and make them pure.

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