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Proverbs 20

“Reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously, and expect God’s greater reward.”

The guys who have gone through Men’s Fraternity (sessions offered by New Life) carry a key chain with those words. Much like this slogan, Proverb 20 speaks to my masculine heart and challenges me.  Some of the words seem to reference the character of a king, yet are useful in encouraging nobility and character in all men. 

The text rattles off like character traits for knighthood: strength, honor, having purpose, loving, faithful, understanding, pure, guided and directed by the Lord, etc.  We should also make note of the warnings: being led astray, avoid strife, laziness, inconsistency, fraud, gossip, disrespect, revenge, rash decision-making.  If you’re looking for an answer to, “What does it mean to be a man?” you may want to book mark this passage.

This is about consistent character and honorable conduct.  This is about chivalry.  This is a charge!  Men, let’s take this hill!!!

Motivating?  So, why then do the words fill me with anxiety, a feeling of inadequacy and leave me asking ‘do I have what it takes?’  Why does my character seem more often to resemble that which is warned against?  I’m understanding that every good thing is challenged and opposed!  Have you not noticed?  The men of great character I have known have had to do battle with that opposition.  They were not born that way, they were forged.  There are things worth fighting for.

Looking for a first step in understanding that, making plans and seeking advice?  Why not join several other journeymen this Sat. for a ‘Men’s Breakfast’ at the Bud Building @7:30-9am?

Father, I desire to live courageously, love passionately and follow Your lead.  Forgive me when I fall short of that pursuit.  Please continue to melt away my selfish habits and misguided desires.  Build in me a heart which is deep, pure and good.  Allow me to act with healthy hesitation and continue to guide my path.  Form my character to be more like your Son.  Amen.

(Gal 6:2)

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