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Proverbs 21


Today’s chapter is all over the map with advice on: leadership, marriage, personal character, planning for the future, bribes (promoting them!), and more. Here’s what challenged me most:

“Sinners are always wanting what they don’t have;
the God-loyal are always giving what the do have.”


  • it is so hard to be satisfied with what I already have
  • buying more stuff is so often driven by my woundedness, the need to fill some hole in my heart
  • loyalty to God is more than just being satisfied with what I’ve got; it requires giving it away
  • when I start trusting in my own ability to provide for my family is when I’ve turned my back on God
  • the actions here are perpetual: always wanting, always giving. Generosity and greed are habits that we form.
  • it takes a lot of trust to give stuff away. It is safer to pile stuff up for ‘someday’ and fill up my garage and storage unit


The next time I find myself unhappy because I don’t have some thing I think I need, I will deny myself the purchase and then make time to debrief with God, asking Him to show me what hole it is that I’m trying to fill and inviting Him to fill it instead.


Jesus, you are the most generous person I know. So many times in my life your generosity to me has left my jaw hanging open. Help me to let go of my stuff and be more like you. I invite you into my woundedness; bind up my broken heart and set this captive free.


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