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Proverbs 25

Like A Good Neighbor…. Proverbs Is There!

Isn’t it funny to think about neighbors? If you have moved very much in your life then you have undoubtedly experienced many different kinds of neighbors. Neighbors can be helpful, handy, and sometimes even hurtful. So it seems like it would be fair to say that maybe there is more to being/having neighbors than we sometimes think.

I get to experience new neighbors all the time because I live in an apartment complex. Ironically enough there is only one thing complex about apartments and that is your neighbors. I will admit it, many times I have trouble loving the people in the units near mine. I often times find myself frustrated! Why do the people above me always make so much noise? Can’t people just clean up after their dog? Why didn’t I get the memo that we are now leaving our trash bags on the stairs? Then I read Proverbs 25 and realize that the actions of the “bad” neighbor aren’t the only think hurting the neighbor relationship. The attitude of the “good” is also driving a tremendous wedge.

Who knew that the best advice about modern day living was written almost 3,000 years ago? Take some time now and reread Proverbs 25 and ask yourself what you need to do to build a bridge to the person next door.

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