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February update

Many of you received this via snail mail, but one of our resolutions this year is to communicate better with you, so we thought we’d try and cross our I’s and dot our T’s … Wait, is that right?

Anyway, have you ever had a nagging thought like, “Did I forget to pass along some necessary info?”  (For example, did I tell my wife I’m working Valentine’s evening?  Did I tell my supervisor I’m taking Monday off?  Did I tell the cleaning lady about my pet python who likes to sleep under the sofa cushions? ) We sometimes get so involved in doing our daily activities only to realize that we missed the important for the urgent. So what is important at New Life right now? Here’s a short list:

  • We recently had a financial audit conducted and you will be happy to know that we passed with flying colors! What exactly ARE flying colors?  Why are colors better if they’re flying? I’ll Google it later but I’m pretty sure it’s good.
  • Stan Rodda started as the Campus Pastor for Haymarket right before Christmas. He is off to a great start and is getting to know the peeps at Haymarket campus.
  • We are completing a 2009 Annual Report, which we plan to distribute around Easter.  Yes we know by then we’ll be a full quarter into 2010, but we have a lot going on… hence this letter.
  • For 14 months we have been working on a better way to communicate the Vision/Mission for New Life. We will introduce that in the annual report.
  • The Bud Building project is well under way;
    • Our attorneys have worked diligently and we were granted quasi-public use of the facility. We can now use the building for many groups (like CYA, Chantilly Soccer or other public groups).
    • We have hired two consultants to help us with financing and determining the best way to get the most people using the facility.
    • We have submitted a minor site plan, which identifies 230 +/- parking spaces, landscaping, entrances and exits, etc.
    • We are well underway with our architect identifying ministries like Kidzone and Students, our weekly meeting space and the fields that will attract people outside the church.
    • Brad Melton is working hard to get the mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans prepared for the facility.
    • Creed is having ongoing conversations with groups interested in using the facility as well as all the subcontractors and professionals involved.
    • There are a lot of moving parts to this project. Please realize that our vision is to help people discover God. This building will be a place where we can interact with people in the community who are far from God. We want to be the church they think about whenever they have a spiritual need.

In addition to all these important activities we are busy preparing for Easter at each of our campuses. Our church planting efforts continue and are in the process of some significant change.  We could fill pages to provide you with updates and will do so when we send out our 2009 Annual Report. If you have any questions about New Life please feel free to email or call.  We would be happy to talk.

One Response to “February update”

  1. In my years (approaching 2 decades) at New Life I have never experienced a more exciting time for us. There is more “Great Stuff” happening than we could ask or imagine. Tons of appreciation to the world’s greatest staff and to our dedicated and accomplished servant leaders. <

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