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The Key

What is the key to happiness? Wealth? Career success? More & Better stuff? According to this recent column from the New York Times, the answer is … relationships. The paragraph that jumped out to me is the 6th from the end.


What do you think? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Brett Andrews, Lead Guy

2 Responses to “The Key”

  1. Great article. The research backs up what should be obvious to anyone who pays attention to human nature or who has experienced the unmatched joy that flows from great relationships. Thanks for sharing. <

  2. I can definately related to the fact that “the daily activity most injurious to happiness is commuting”. Yuck!

    What a great testimony to Life Groups when the article says: “According to one study, joining a group that meets even just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.”

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