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Way Beyond Update 1

Fun“I would go to a church like that!”  Those were the words of a couple community leaders last week who discovered New Life’s plans for the nZone. Each week, we continue to experience God’s confirmation in our Way Beyond project.  We have more to share than you have time to read; so, our goal in this first update is simply to encourage and to bring everyone up to speed with our building developments.  Thanks for reading.

Partner Update

Sacrifice means giving up something we want for something we want more. One of the most encouraging pieces to this project are the stories we hear of New Lifers sacrificing to honor God and make a greater impact on our communities.

You may have heard the story of the New Life family who sold their house and moved into a more modest home.  This was, in part, to be able to give more to Way Beyond.  Not all stories are that dramatic, but each honors God just as much.

Surprised KidDid you know the kids in KidZone gave over one thousand dollars to the campaign?

2 Dollar BillDid you hear about the six year-old boy who overheard his parents talking about Way Beyond and decided he wanted to be a part?  He went to his room, cracked his piggy bank and brought back his only two-dollar bill.  Even after he was reminded just how special the bill was, he simply said, “I want to help too.”  That’s just great stuff.

Recently, we received this email from another New Lifer…

Within days of emailing our commitment, I got a promotion! I won’t bore you with all of the details but it’s pretty phenomenal because I had just had my review a month earlier and received a raise at that point. My company has a promotion freeze so it was truly an unexpected surprise! Isn’t it amazing how God works?

God is good.

What’s your story? We’d like to hear it! How has God moved you through Way Beyond?  It doesn’t have to be dramatic and fancy. How have you seen God at work since you made a commitment?  Let us know.

Zoning Update

Site Plan

Fairfax County has approved our parking plan.  This is a great victory! This  approval allows the changes to the landscaping and curbs to improve traffic flow and provide 231 parking spaces.  Just as importantly, we are now able to move forward with many other steps toward developing the nZone.

Unfortunately, the county took 90 days longer than we’d previously been led to expect, but we still plan for an early summer 2011 opening.

Architectural Update

Cafe We have great architects!  They’re working diligently to create space for children’s ministry, student ministry, a fitness room, as well as much needed storage space!

Our builder is also currently crunching the numbers to help us determine what improvements we can and cannot afford.

Our designer describes our preliminary interior color scheme & design  as “Jetsonian Urban”.   It begins with the 60’s sitcom (retro modern) and overlays a more contemporary, urban feel.  We think it will generate a great “Wow” factor.  In other words, it will make you say, “This is sooo ‘New Life'”. We can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Financial Update

Less than two months since we started receiving Way Beyond gifts things are looking great.  We currently have 273 commitments totaling $1,832,691 with $190,189 already received!  We prayed for commitments from 80% of New Lifers and are currently at 67%.  We cannot overstate how thrilled we are with this.  Most campaigns have participation numbers in the 20%-30% range. To have more than twice that amount is God’s blessing.  Thank you for being a part.

One way you could help us keep accurate records of your gifts is to include  “Way Beyond” in the memo field of any checks.  If you haven’t been designating Way Beyond gifts as such, please contact Mark Scheyder (703-222-8836 or marks@newlife4me.com) to update your records.  We also appreciate all of you who have continued to support our “day to day” expenses through your continued generosity this Summer.

Now You Know…

AvatarSo that’s whats currently going on with Way Beyond.  Remember to email us info@newlife4me.com) if you have any great stories to tell.  And finally, to quote a great series of commercials from the ‘80s, ‘Thank you for your support.”

Patrick Furgerson

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  1. Hello I a not a Newlifer (as I live far, far away) but I am following your posts with great interest. This life of faith we live never ceases to amaze me as our God meets us in the most extraordinary ways. I am lifting your work up in prayer.

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