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I’m Really Proud!

Vince Antonnuci returned to our Westfield campus Sunday like a grown son who’s been serving on the mission field for 12 years. After spending time with extended New Life family at Restore Church’s service, Laura and I drove to Westfield HS and snuck into the back at second service.

Listening to Vince speak made me wonder, “Who’s the next Vince, sitting in this room right now?” Laura and I met Vince just six months after he became a Christ-follower. (Driving him to the airport, Vince reminded me that our small group in Alexandria was the first he ever attended– poor guy.) Through the years, we’ve watched Vince follow hard after God and become a nationally respected speaker, church planter and writer. However, that first day Vince showed up in our small group, we didn’t see a kid who would have such huge impact on our generation. We just saw another new believer who was showing up at small group.

Who’s the next Vince?

We ended second service with a special prayer for Vince, his wife, Jennifer, and their work on The Strip in Las Vegas (btw, whenever you hear the words, “Las Vegas”, remember to shoot up a prayer for their work). I made a quick appeal that someone could bless them with some lunch money. Your response was overwhelming! So many people responded giving Vince $20 or $30, that Pat Furgerson jokingly asked me to make that appeal for him sometime!

Hey New Life, you are generous people! Vince felt embarrassed by your personal support. I felt proud that you responded so generously. It was a great homecoming! That’s how family ought to love! You do love like family!

Brett Andrews, Lead Guy


2 Responses to “I’m Really Proud!”

  1. Vince Antonucci. It was great having him back — even if only for a day. Isn’t family wonderful. <

  2. We had never met Vince before Sunday, but Dennis and i both really enjoyed hearing him speak at 1st service and at the meeting that afternoon at the Bud. His enthusiasm is contagious 🙂

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