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Who We Are…

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New Life Christian Church helps people discover the life they’ve always longed for. We do that by creating fun, safe environments for people to discover God. Your spiritual journey is unique, yet surprisingly similar in many ways to the rest of us. We’ve all come to the point where you are right now. Here are some of the things we value:

  • Safe Environments

From guaranteeing the safety of your children to ensuring a safe place to ask questions, New Life works hard to be a shelter in the storm of life.

  • Continual Discovery

Life is difficult enough–why not make it an adventure and discover new things?

  • Passionate Lifestyles

Everyone is passionate about something. Once people discover God, many become passionate about following the dreams and lifestyles that God has planned for each of us.

  • Dangerous Dreams

Why lead a boring life when you can live a dangerous one? We can help you dream big and live dangerously.

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