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From CIA to pulpit – Mclean Pastor was anti-terror analyst before ministry.

August 24, 2010

 Credo: Dwaine Darrah By: Leah Fabel Examiner Staff Writer August 20, 2010 (Andrew Harnik/Examiner) Dwaine Darrah, 58, has spent a long career seeking out troublemakers – from rooting out terrorist groups as a CIA analyst to redirecting lost souls as pastor of New Life Christian Church’s campus in McLean. Darrah took up the ministry […]

Soggy Holy Ground

November 13, 2009

I’ve had a little over a year in this job now.  Kinda getting used to God waking me up in the middle of the night.  Usually I have a pretty good idea what I’m supposed to be about when He interrupts what I think is supposed to be sleep time.  Not always, though. It happened […]

Life Interrupted

October 21, 2009

Weird night at life group. Prayers going up for travel mercies for one of our number attending funeral in Atlanta, for another traveling to California to be with mom with stage 4 colon cancer, for one of our guys in pain who is awaiting knee replacement surgery and for a new couple in need of […]

Inching along

October 1, 2009

Lifegroup Tuesday. Acts 13. Came across an intriguing fella named Elymas. The description of him was clear, but it appeared to make no sense. He was a false prophet. He was a sorcerer. He was a Jew. Like the aptitute test that asks “Which of these things is not like the others?” these three descriptors […]

Boldness Revisited

September 23, 2009

I was out in Indiana a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t want to be there. Oh, I like Indiana just fine. All the family is there. But I was in town to do the funeral for Bill, my brother-in-law. Tough stuff. But I find it’s easy when I’m doing my “minister” thing to spot the […]

Who You Talking To?

September 15, 2009

It’s Tuesday. It’s life group. It’s God using His word to give us a little shot across the chops. Acts 11. Yeah, we were there last week, but at least we’re in the second half of the chapter. Now, Peter has just reported to the folks in Jerusalem about this Gentile fella, Cornelius, who has […]

Westmoreland Campus $1 Car Wash

August 28, 2009

Give it a Rest

August 28, 2009

This blew me away at lifegroup the other night. Hacking through the 1st half of Acts 11. Peter returns to Jerusalem after the Gentile, Cornelius, has the Holy Spirit fall on him and gets baptized. He is immediately set upon by Jewish Christians for daring to mingle with a Gentile. So Peter recalls the whole […]

Thinking Out Loud

July 15, 2009

Our life group hit on Acts 8 last night, but I wasn’t there. Heading for the beach. Getting some of the R&R everyone says humans need from time to time. Looking forward to a little crab. Crabs probably looking a little less forward to it. We always enjoy the porpoises skimming along, aware of us, […]

On That Day: A DocuDrama

July 8, 2009

Stephen and I have a lot in common. We grew up in the same town. Went to the same church growing up. Came to believe in the same Jesus. Saw the same miracles. Died on the same day. That day began like most others in Jerusalem. Job was going fine, had my health. I also […]